Kotaku and Penny Arcade Weigh in on TERA

by Scapes

With the May 1 launch date on the horizon and Head Start beginning in less than three days, the tubes of the interwebs are filled with TERA talk. We thought we'd post samples of what press and players are saying about the game; here's Kotaku's Mike Fahey and Gabe of Penny Arcade fame.

Mike shared his thoughts on how last weekend's Open Beta Test won him over (so much so, it nearly made him lose his children):

"TERA is a game that breaks out of the point-and-click MMO combat mold, yes, but it's also breaking out of itself, spilling over into the real world through these political deals. Once voting begins, expect it to be everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Google+...nowhere will be safe. Nowhere. So while the game's mission structure falls neatly within the fantasy MMO frame, the rest of TERA is trying to tear itself loose. I feel the shudders and creaks every time I login. If we're not careful it could explode."

Gabe followed up on Twitter, agreeing with the Kotaku article:

"I agree with this article on Kotaku: [link]. I prefer TERA to Guild Wars 2. After playing TERA and then playing Guild Wars 2, I just can't go back to that lock on to target click action bar combat. It feels boring."

Kotaku and Penny Arcade Weigh in on TERA

You can check out the full article on Kotaku or read Gabe's tweets on Twitter.


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