Kumasylum Opens and Elite Changes

by Ozma

TERA Kitty Popo and Mama Kumas

Hey everyone! Treeshark here with two bits of news for TERA. First, Kumasylum opens Thursday, January 9, after maintenance to all players level 30 and up. It’s the first battleground where players get to take control of a giant kumas and battle against other players. Kumasylum pits three player-controlled kumases against seven players who attempt to steal the kumas treasure. Find out more in our game guide.

TERA Elite Status Banner, Castanic, Human

Based on your feedback, the following changes are coming to elite status during maintenance on January 9.

On the elite bar, there are two major changes. Many voiced that the jeweled lion has run its course, and we agree. On January 9, we retire our beloved jeweled lion and bring out Razormane, an exclusive armored mount.

TERA Razormane

With a speed of 280, this gleaming armored mount will attract attention and lead the charge!

Next, we are increasing the boosts you get. Currently, everyone receives one each of the four hour-long boosts available (XP, Reputation, Gold Hunters, and Quest Gold). For a lot of you, this wasn’t enough to tide you over for a day, so we’re increasing that number from one to six, so each of the four boosts will be available for six total hours each day. They’re still broken up into one-hour increments, so you can choose when and on which character you want to use them. Use them all on one, or divvy them up across all your alts.

For the monthly deliverables, we are making the following changes. The strongbox keys and spellbind boxes will be removed from the deliverables. We are adding a 30-day travel journal, as well as a free permanent item that will change every month. To start, we will be giving out a dyeable steampunk costume for all elite status members.* We are also going to have more elite-only sales on items as well. Spellbinds will receive a permanent elite discount, and we’ll discount the jeweled lion when it goes on sale. In the future, we will look to put discounts on other items like keys and dyes, as well as costumes, mounts and pets.

Overall, I think these changes will cement the convenience that elite status provides you as a TERA player. With a new mount, more boosts, and new discounts, you can get more out of elite status than ever.

Look for these changes, as well as the opening of Kumasylum, January 9 after maintenance.

—Treeshark out

*All players who signed up or renewed elite status between the dates of December 30, 2013 to January 9, 2014 at 7 a.m. PST will receive the travel journal (30 days) and the dyeable steampunk costume on January 9. A new item will replace the dyeable steampunk costume for elite status players on January 29.


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