Last Chance to Purchase TERA’s 2017 Swimwear!

by Denommenator

Last Chance For Swimwear!

The 2017 Summer Festival is drawing to a close!

Tuesday morning, August 1, we bid farewell to the Summer Festival and with that, the swimwear in the TERA Store! Rush over now and get your 2017 (and previous years’) swimwear:

  • Lifeguard Smart Box—1,295 EMP
  • Tan-tastic Smart Box—1,295 EMP
  • Deep Dive Loot Box—150 EMP
  • All Wrapped Up Loot Box—195 EMP
  • Bronze Look Loot Box—150 EMP
  • Summer Festival Loot Box—starting at 295 EMP

TERA’s Summer Festival ends Tuesday morning following maintenance, but you may spend the Claret and Temple Medallions you’ve earned from the event until Tuesday, August 8.


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