Launch Gift: Golden Dragon Weapon Skins

by Scapes

Launch Gift: Golden Dragon Weapon Skins

While many players are new to TERA, some have been following the game for years. To celebrate TERA's strong community and North American launch, En Masse Entertainment would like to provide a launch gift to everyone who purchases the game and subscribes before May 31: a full set of Golden Dragon weapon skins, cosmetic items you can attach to any weapon type to change its appearance.

Already purchased your TERA subscription? Thank you! You will receive the Golden Dragon weapon skins when your initial 30 days of game time ends and your subscription billing begins. You'll find the full set waiting for you in the Item Claim pane in-game. These weapon skins are bound to your account, so you can claim them using any or all of your characters. They cannot be sold, traded, or stored in the bank.


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