Masquerade Mayhem Costume Contest Winners

by Ozma

We hope you enjoyed throwing pies at Gourdo, dressing up your characters, showing off your crafting and dyeing skills, attending the Masquerade Ball with Minea, creating monster posters, reading scary stories, and opening mystery boxes. We had a blast spending the last couple of weeks with you, getting to see your creativity and Halloween spirit in full swing, TERA-style.

As you know, we received many wonderful screens of fun, funny, creative—and scary—character costumes. The following screen shots were chosen by our Creative Services team as the winners of the four costume contest categories. Each winner was rewarded with the Boneshaker mount.

Congratulations! And thank you to all who participated.

Costume Contest Winners (by Server)

Celestial Hills

Scariest: Lascivia—Mischievous Pumpkin

Funniest: Artham—Aviator Artham

Aviator Artham

Best Single: Papillon—Esteemed Steampunk Vampire Gentleman

Papillon   Esteemed Steampunk Vampire Gentleman

Best Group: Kzin, Tayelle—Magical Friends

Kzin And Tayelle On Celestial Hills

Tempest Reach

Scariest: Baratheus—Big Bad Wolf

Baratheus   Big Bad Wolf

Funniest: Buli—Oppan Surfer Style

Buli   Oppan Surfer Style

Best Single: Ponpoko—You’re a Wizard Popori

Ponpoko   You're A Wizard Popori!

Best Group: Zoknaha, Azarek—Grinning Werewolves

Zoknahal And Azarek   Grinning Werewolves

Mount Tyrannas

Scariest: Villian—Skeleton Master

Villian   Skeleton Master

Funniest: Poffton—Superbird

Poffton   Superbird

Best Single: Shan

Best Group: Ulver, Skeptical, Morrigan, Quincy

Visit our Halloween 2012 costume contest finalists gallery to see all the awesome costume contest entries.

Happy Masquerade Mayhem! Here’s to many more Halloweens with our beloved TERA community!


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