Monster Poster Contest Winners Announced

by Ozma

Our Creative Services team dug themselves out from under an avalanche of entries, and here are the posters they liked the most:


Baratheus of Tempest Reach grabbed attention for a “These Freaking Hyenas” poster that our artists cited for “great attention to detail, color, and texture.”


Vixxen of Celestial Hills made a “Basilisk/Baptism By Fire” poster that even had dates and venues for an intercontinental TERA tour.


We also loved the “Argon Invasion” poster created by Stormfur (we think…the strobe lights made it hard to read the paperwork). As our judges put it: “Totally got the feel of a DJ flyer!”


Devvy of Tempest Reach has a healthy sense of humor, playing up the oft-reincarnated Karascha in a “He’s Back—One Night Only” poster.

Those four artists received Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710s for their creativity and hard work.


Finally, our Creative Services team awarded an honorable mention to a “TERA Demon” poster by Bunny.Cookie of Mount Tyrannas because of the facial expression on the demon. “I am transfixed—you can feel the angst,” one judge said.

Thanks to all who entered. Everyone did a great job!

TERA Monster Poster Contest


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