More Capacity on "Valley of Titans" Server

by Pwnyx

More Capacity on

TERA fans, you're awesome! Just a few hours after the start of our Early Character Creation event, we already have our first full server: Valley of Titans. This PvP-ruleset server is now full with eager new recruits sporting your preferred names and meticulous customization. For those keeping score, it was also the most populated server during our Closed Beta Test events!

In response, we'd like to add a bit more room on the Valley of Titans server over the course of the next two days. These increases will occur on Sunday, April 15 at 12:00 PM Pacific and again on Monday, April 16 at 7:00 PM Pacific. This is not only an opportunity for your friends and guildmates to join you on Valley of Titans, it also allows players interested in leaving the populous server to delete their character there and create a new one on a less-crowded one (likely with more names still available, too).

Haven't created your launch character before the Open Beta Test starts? Pre-order TERA to join this weekend's event and get into the Open Beta Test a full day ahead of everyone else!


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