New Class: The Valkyrie

by Halrath

New Class: The Valkyrie

When the Honorbound content update drops on Tuesday, April 11, you’ll see some new faces around the world of TERA. That’s because we’re proud to welcome the valkyrie, our newest character class, to the game we all love.

The valkyrie is a hard-hitting, fast-paced melee fighter perfectly matched to TERA’s action combat style. And as part of her introduction, we’ve got some cool new events through the end of April planned to help us celebrate.

For starters, we’re sending you a free character slot to get things going. After maintenance on April 11 until April 30, log in to the server you want to make a valkyrie on and check your item claim. There will be a character slot item there for you to use. Don’t worry if you’re max out; with this update we’re raising the maximum number of characters per server to 17.

If you advance your first valkyrie to level 2 by April 30, you’ll receive a Valkyrie Rewards Box with some very useful items:

  • a 15-day dragon pet (Argette) with the ability to auto-loot
  • an everful nostrum to help you in combat
  • a level 15 valkyrie reward box

That reward box is full of awesomeness, because when you open it at level 15, you get even more useful items, and a level 20 valkyrie reward box that works exactly the same way! Each box contains another valkyrie-specific or themed item, more cool consumables, mounts, and more, until you get to the grand jackpot at level 65:

  • +12 Meathanger box (Masterwork Slaughter weapon)
  • Valkyrie Plunder Glyph box × 3
  • Blessed Enigmatic Scroll
  • Intricate Identification scroll
  • Undercede token × 255
  • Chooser of the Slain armor
  • “Chooser of the Slain”—a valkyrie-specific title exclusive to this event
Chooser of the Slain

And for the hardest of hard-core levelers, we’ve got some titles only available for players who reach specific levels with their valkyries in the first 24 hours after the update.

  • Battle Maiden (level 30)
  • Grim Amazon (level 58)
  • Dark Raven (level 60)
  • Fate Weaver (level 65)

So clear your calendar for Tuesday, April 11 and the rest of the month. You’re going to need it. But until then, check out our valkyrie class page for more information on this great new class.

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