New Launch Feature: Challenge the Nexus

by Scapes

New Launch Feature: Challenge the Nexus

In remote corners of Northern Shara, something wants to emerge into the world of TERA. Monsters invade through a hole in reality called a nexus, then terrorize the surrounding area. You can join the battle at a moment's notice. Larger and scarier monsters pour out of the nexus as time goes on, but if you fight hard enough, you can close the nexus, keep part of the world safe—and earn a share of high-level loot.

A nexus is the perfect place to go when you want a great action experience but need to be flexible about grouping and time. When you enter a nexus, it all happens automatically: you're put in a group, you're given the relevant quests, and you'll receive your fair share of the rewards. Participate as long as you like. The nexus is a dangerous place, and it's not going to run out of bad guys anytime soon.

Feature at a Glance

  • Staged Invasions: Nexuses amp up the action in three stages, each with its own monsters, quests, and rewards.
  • Public Quests: Step into a nexus, and you automatically receive a quest. Help your fellow players stop the invasion, and the rewards and reputation are yours.
  • Truly Massive Monsters: How massive? Some nexus invaders will take 30 or more players to kill.

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