Out With The Old Dragons, In With The New

by Halrath

New Class: The Valkyrie

We are about to unleash an entirely new type of flying dragon mounts on TERA. The new breed—the bone dragons—will appear in the TERA Store starting Thursday, April 20!

At the same time, we’re retiring the current crop of dragons. So if you’ve had your eye on that one particular flying dragon mount, now’s the time to get it! On April 20, all of these dragons and loot boxes are leaving the TERA Store:

  • Ironhide (account-bound)
  • Crimsonhide (account-bound)
  • Royal Crimson Dragon loot box
  • Royal Iron Dragon loot box
  • Royal Diamond Dragonlord Box
  • Royal Ghost Dragonlord Box

This doesn’t mean these dragons will be completely unavailable: Ironhide and Crimsonhide will remain available through the in-game Dragon Scale shop while the Ghost and Diamond dragons are still available through the in-game Dragon Token shop.


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