Patch 17.29.01 Released

by Scapes

Patch 17.29.01 Released

Hey, federation soldier-type people! Looking for a quiet vacation spot? Don't come to Tuwangi Mire! We're not leaping at the chance for a tourist industry down here, okay? Do you think we have enough frogs to go around? Well, we don't!

You may think I'm just a big frog in a small pond, but I command the tuwangi legions, and they jump when I say...just about anything, really. You'd better believe they'll hop to it when I order them to drive you back to the drylands.

Stay out of Tuwangi Mire if you don't want to croak!

—Bauba, tuwangi war chief (try saying that five times fast!)

Patch 17.29.01 will be applied during tomorrow morning's weekly maintenance hours from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM Pacific. As we've adjusted how guild emblems are stored, all previous emblems have been wiped. This shouldn't occur again in the future. Guild leaders will need to re-upload their emblem for their guilds.

Read the full patch notes for Patch 17.29.01 on our Patch Notes page!


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