PAX East 2012 Demo Video

by Scapes

Waiting for our Early Character Creation event to start in just a few hours? Check out our recap of PAX East 2012 featuring our action-packed press demo of the Twilight Valley endgame area!

This lush garden has been overrun by the Argons, the mechanical menace hell-bent on terraforming TERA's world and killing off all organic life. The demo put a focus on team play and cooperation, and required good communication and coordination to keep the party's priest healing and lancer tanking throughout the battles.

After fighting their way through waves of Argon defenses, parties faced off against one of TERA's many big-ass monsters, an Argon-captured Dagon beast known as Subject 5005. After an intense struggle, just when they thought the boss was about to fall, players were given another challenge as the boss transformed into an Argonomorph, a being infused with Argon powers. While there were a few close calls, players found that after they slayed the giant beast, order was returned to the Twilight Valley.

You can check out more TERA demo videos from past conventions on the En Masse Entertainment YouTube channel!


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