Plasma Weapon Skins Now Available

by Sabre

Shop the TERA Store now for hot new weapon skins in four dynamic colors!

Dark times call for bright weapons, and there are no brighter weapons to be found anywhere in this universe—or any other—than in the TERA Store!

Plasma weapon skins are now available in four vivid colors—blue, green, purple, and red—and two different styles. Visit the TERA Store today and pick up a smart box with a random color weapon skin for only 995 EMP.

Got a favorite color in mind? For 1,495 EMP, you can grab a smart box with exactly the color you want—and if you’re an Elite player, you can take 500 EMP off that price. Until 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, March 31, Elite status lets you buy either the Blue, Green, Purple, or Red Plasma Smart Box for only 995 EMP!

And if you’re looking for a weapon skin with a little more prestige, pick up one of these loot boxes for a chance at acquiring a Master Plasma weapon skin that pulsates with energy...and telescopes when you ready it:

  • Electric Blue Loot Box
  • Shocking Green Loot Box
  • Foreboding Purple Loot Box
  • Dire Crimson Loot Box

Each of these loot boxes is guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll, and may also contain a Master Plasma smart box, alkahests, or other consumables.

All of these smart boxes and loot boxes are available now in the TERA Store, but remember: Elite players can only take advantage of the discount on the Blue, Green, Purple, or Red Plasma Smart Boxes until Thursday, March 31!


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