Play TERA Free for Seven Days!

by Ozma


Now you can play TERA absolutely free for seven days with the new TERA trial. All you need is a free En Masse account to play TERA for seven days, and level up eight characters on any one server to level 23. When you convert to a paid subscription, you keep your characters.

A few restrictions apply—explained in the TERA Trial FAQ—but you’ll be able to play and enjoy almost every aspect of TERA. And, most importantly, you’ll experience our true action combat. We know it’s hard to get what makes playing TERA so different from any other MMO, and now you’ll be able to see, hear, and feel the difference for yourself.

For more details, and to get your TERA trial code, visit the Try TERA page. We’ll see you in the world of TERA!


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