Play TERA Free With the Discovery Edition

by Ozma

TERA Discovery Edition

With TERA’s Discovery Edition, you can play TERA free up to level 28—no time restrictions! All you need is an En Masse account to download the Discovery Edition. If you don’t have an account, just go to the En Masse login page and create one. Once you validate your email address, you will see the option to download TERA. Start playing instantly, absolutely free!

But wait, there’s more! Share TERA’s Discovery Edition with your friends on Facebook to score in-game loot. TERA Facebook subscribers, share this post and when we reach 1,000 shares, we’ll post a code for a permanent dye. When we reach 2,500 shares, we'll post a code for 5 canephora potions and 5 Cracker Confettis. And finally, when we reach 5,000 shares, we’ll host a Double Dungeon Drop Weekend Nov. 30–Dec. 2!

A sneak peak at some share contest prizes:

TERA PgmTERA Confetti Icon1

Sharing is caring, folks. And sharing free stuff? That’s like…a whole bunch of good karma points. The prizes are just the icing on the cake! TERA is more fun with friends, so share away!


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