Police Car Mount! Seven Spooky Pets!

by Blender

New TERA Pets and Mount for 2014 Halloween

If you like our emergency costumes, you’ll really love these mounts! Put on your police uniform and get ready to tear across TERA’s terrain with a police car mount. You can buy Paddy, the police car mount, with flashing lights and siren for a traffic-stopping good ride! Or pick up a pack of Police Garages and try your luck with winning Fury, Fuzz, or Axle—police mounts with the same lights and sirens but also have HP-, MP-, and Stamina-restoring effects respectively.

If spooky and ooky is more your speed for Halloween, we’ve got some creepy-crawly pets. Choose from the creepy doll, Miss Katonic; the three kissable frogs, Pinkie, Rainie, and Rusty; the twised tree-spirit Bonzai; or the ghastly ghoul, Addams. Can’t decide? Buy the whole spooky-ooky pet store bundle and get all seven pets! Each of these pets will auto-loot for you as you haunt the world of TERA. (And isn’t that what everyone needs for trick-or-treat?)

If Halloween has you hungry for any of these fun mounts or pets, hurry to the Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online! They’re only available until Tuesday, November 4!


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