Premium Services, Novelty Items Now Available

by Pwnyx

human lancer with custom weapon skin

Sorry you named your adorable elin "Bertha"? Embarrassed to be the seventh lavender-haired elf at the campfire? Baraka-curious? Change vouchers and novelty items are now available in the En Masse online store on the Premium Services page. So, go ahead and embrace the possibility of change for your player character.

If you've decided that your hair should be brown, your feet should have claws, or that you'd like to trade your facial hair for a tattoo, our change vouchers are the ticket to transformation. From a simple name switch to an extreme makeover, we have vouchers to cover any change in your character.

Just go to the Premium Services page at the En Masse Store and buy a voucher. Or get two! The race change voucher is the most comprehensive, allowing you to alter race, gender, and appearance all at the same time.

Appearance change vouchers let you change anything or everything about your character's appearance—hair color, adornments, or facial features, but not race or gender. For that, you need a gender change voucher, which is good for changing gender and appearance, but not race. If all you're looking for is a fresh start with a new name, then name change vouchers are your ticket. This voucher allows you to change one character name in any 60 day period.

If, on the other hand, you're the type of player who likes to walk softly and carry a big, shiny stick, we have some amazing, custom weapon skins available in the novelty items section that are guaranteed to bedazzle your friends and befuddle your enemies. Does your warrior want to swing double-bladed axes, then grab Butcher & Block. Is your mystic into rock-climbing? Check out the Piton. But remember, all of our custom weapon skins sets are available for a limited time only! Once they're gone, they'll be put into the vault for a while, and a new set takes their place. Novelty items are not trade-able, sell-able, or discard-able. They are single-use, soulbound permanent items. 

Once you've purchased a premium service or novelty item, it will be available in-game in your Activities menu. Choose "Item Claim" from the menu, then click Use to redeem your item. It's that easy.

So if you're in the mood for a change, go take a peek at the Premium Services page in our online store and get started on your new look.

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