Prepare to Face the Argon Queen

by Ozma

TERA Argon Queen

Race to Max Level

We want—no, need—all soldiers to fight at their best. Facing the argon queen is a task for the strongest, most experienced combatants. To that end, starting on July 31, the quartermaster corps will crack open the depots every day and issue special consumables (they’ll show up in the Item Claim menu). These items grant one-hour bonuses to damage dealt and experience points earned. You can't sell or trade them, but you can drop them in your personal bank (not the guild bank). These special-issue items will go out daily until the Argon Queen arrives.

  • Canephora Potion (x2): +12% damage dealt
  • Cracker Confetti (x2): +20% experience from killing monsters

These items become available after logging in each day, and the clock resets daily at 12:00 AM Pacific. Once claimed, the items stay in your inventory or bank indefinitely, but unclaimed items expire after 365 days.

To give a sense of value to these items, note that a 12 percent damage bonus is equivalent to a +4 enchant on a weapon. The 20 percent experience point bonus stacks with the rested experience bonus.

Improved Drop Rates and Quicker Kills

That’s just the beginning! Soldiers will also receive damage, defense, and attack speed bonuses when they use Instance Matching to party up and tackle dungeons. We’ve also increased the drop rates for all bosses in specific dungeons, so defeating them will prove even more rewarding.

Instance Matching Buffs

    If one or two players apply together...
  • Defensive (Tank): Attack Speed 4%, Defense 10%, Aggro 20%, Reaction Resistance 30%
  • Offensive (DPS)/Restoration (Healing) : Attack Speed 4%, Defense 10%, Damage 10%

  • If three players apply together...
  • Tank: Attack Speed 3%, Defense 5%, Aggro 15%, Reaction Resistance 20%
  • DPS/Healing: Attack Speed 3%, Defense 5%, Damage 5%

  • If four players apply together...
  • Tank: Attack Speed 2%, Defense 3%, Aggro 5%, Reaction Resistance 10%
  • DPS/Healing : Attack Speed 2%, Defense 3%, Damage 3%

Dungeons with Improved Drop Rates

  • Labyrinth of Terror (Hard)
  • Ebon Tower (Hard)
  • Fane of Kaprima
  • Fane of Kaprima (Hard)
  • Balder’s Temple
  • Balder’s Temple (Hard)
  • Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard)

Bosses in each dungeon except Kelsaik's Nest (Hard) have received permanently decreased hit points. In addition, the permanently improved drop rates will make enchanting your equipment easier and less expensive.

Where to Gear Up

You must properly equip yourself for the coming fights. To that end, the tables below guide freshly minted level 60 characters to the gear they need to face the argon queen.

The initial dungeon gear can be found in the Labyrinth of Terror (Hard), Ebon Tower (Hard), Fane of Kaprima, and Balder's Temple. It will be easiest to collect in the Fane of Kaprima. This gear will get you started in the endgame dungeons.

Initial Dungeon Gear (Tier 12)

Class Item Name
Slayer Lifecutter
Berserker Rupturing Axe
Mystic Elsewise Scepter
Warrior Renew & Rebirth
Sorcerer Cycloid of Strife
Priest Serviceable Staff
Lancer Vitalance
Archer Tinker’s Bow
Armor Type Item Name
Cuirass Blusterdance Coat
Boots Trickster’s Steps
Gloves Letter Makers
Robes Dreamsage Tunic
Shoes Curative Shoes
Sleeves Frostsilk Wrappings
Hauberk Warmonger Chestpiece
Greaves Battleborn Grips
Gauntlets Cometstomps

Now armed and girded properly, you can start collecting the Sleeper set. This gear is also Tier 12, but unlike the initial dungeon gear, you can enchant the Sleeper set or, since it binds on equip, you can sell or trade it. Weapons in the Sleeper set can be acquired by defeating Auricadis in Balder’s Temple and Nightmare Thulsa in the Ebon Tower (Hard)—you may have to fight the bosses multiple times to find what you’re looking for. You can find armor in the Labyrinth of Terror (Hard) and Fane of Kaprima (Hard) by conquering Nightmare Killian and Drakirath in the Labyrinth of Terror, and Kaprima in…well, you know.

Sleeper Set (Tier 12)

Class Item Name
Slayer Dayslayer
Berserker Aestivax
Mystic Rod of Repose
Warrior Arise & Awake
Sorcerer Soporcircus
Priest Nocturne
Lancer Eye Opener
Archer Lullabow
Armor Type Item Name
Cuirass Slumber Jacket
Boots Fatigued Boots
Gloves Sandman’s Grip
Robes Nightgown
Shoes Night Slippers
Sleeves Dormancers
Hauberk Quietus Plate
Greaves Hypnopath
Gauntlets Napcatchers

Strive to collect the full Sleeper set and enchant it to +6. With that caliber of weaponry and armor at your disposal, you’ll have the advantage for coming battles. Don’t skip this step.

The Argon Queen update will pit you against the toughest challenges, BAMs, and dungeons in all of TERA. Keep watching our Argon Queen preview page for the latest information, then grab your weapons, muster your courage, and battle your way to the top!

Shandra Manaya awaits.


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