Punch Up Your Gear!

Listen up! I don’t have time for coddling you keeners anymore. The god Bahaar is coming and this world is going to need anyone who can, to stand up and fight for our survival!

I know many of you don’t have tip-top gear for battling gods, so for two weeks (from Tuesday, November 27 at 8 a.m. until Tuesday, December 11 at 8 a.m. Pacific), I’m releasing my secret enchanting scrolls to help everyone PunchUp their gear.

Now I can’t just hand these out to anyone, so you’re going to have to prove your worth by working for them.


I’m making scroll case keys available to everyone who puts in daily training: Make my scroll case keys by collecting Lady Tanly’s Determination (from the accumulated log-in screen). Mix in three Tears of My Enemy (from completing Vanguard Requests)…and voilà! Scroll case keys!

Scroll Cases

You’ll find two types of locked scroll cases by defeating the final boss of select dungeons:

Kalivan's Challenge

Wretched Kalivan

Ravenous Gorge (3-Person)


Shattered Fleet


The Abscess (7-Person)


Channelworks (3-Person)


Kalivan's Dreadnaught


Lilith's Keep


Velik's Hold (7-Person)


Thaumetal Refinery


Lilith's Keep (Hard)

Nightmare Lilith

Ruinous Manor


Broken Prison


Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)

Nightmare Gaaruksalk

Sky Cruiser Endeavor


RK-9 Kennel


Red Refuge


Ruinous Manor (Hard)

Nightmare Lachelith

RK-9 Kennel (Hard)

Box of Parts

RK-9 Kennel (Hard)

Randun's Belongings

Red Refuge (Hard)

Nightmare Argog

Antaroth's Abyss


Dark Reach Citadel


Antaroth's Abyss (Hard)

Nightmare Antaroth

Dark Reach Citadel (Hard)

Nightmare Harnovog

Grotto of Lost Souls


Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)

Nightmare Kylos

Bahaar's Sanctum


Inside the scroll cases you’ll find one of twelve enchanting scrolls. These enchanting scrolls contain secret methods from the courts of the Popori Kingdom and are different than the enchanting you might be used to—these scrolls don’t require enchanting materials!

The scrolls are for either handwear or weapons.

The scrolls either work on Twistshard and Frostmetal sets (marked Frostmetal), or on Twistshard, Frostmetal, and Stormcry sets (marked Stormcry).

Here's a shiny info-graphic:

I know that all looks pretty complicated, but life is complicated!

In the simplest terms: Make keys. Unlock cases. PunchUp! your gear! Make me proud!

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