Queue and Population Added to Server Status Page

by Scapes

Queue and Population Added to Server Status Page

Want to know if your server is up, if there's a wait to enter, or if that other server you're considering is less populated? Check out our Server Status page! This page displays the queue and population of each server in real-time. A server labeled "Recommended" means there's low population meaning you'll rarely encounter a queue while "Full" means character creation has been suspended on that server.

Why would a server be listed as "Full"? We want to make sure everyone can enjoy TERA better by evenly distributing the players specifically to avoid long queues for servers. In order to do this, we're limiting character creation on the most-populated servers to balance them out. Throughout the Open Beta Test, we'll monitor server queues and populations very closely, incrementally increasing the population cap on "Full" servers to get more players onto them. The goal here is to provide a good experience for all TERA players, not to prevent you from playing with your friends or guild.

Visit the Server Status page during the Open Beta Test for the latest information on availability.


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