Raiders of the Lost Eggs

by Ozma

TERA Community Event Raiders of the Lost Eggs

Raiders of the Lost Eggs

Centuries ago, a vast trove of magical eggs vanished from Sikander's vaults while he slumbered. Priests blamed rival gods, the gods blamed greedy mortals, and the poporis simply wanted to know if the eggs tasted good. The eggs resurfaced recently, and a troop of caiman thieves seems determined to pocket the precious treasures wherever they turn up. While no one considers caimans the brightest candles on the cake, these bandits always know where to find one of the magical eggs. Why the caimans want the eggs remains anyone's guess, but the race is on to recover them and snatch the fabulous treasures inside.

As with all legends, details about the eggs are scarce, but everyone agrees that three grades of eggs exist—bronze, silver, and gold. Most carry potent consumables, rare crystals, or whimsical accoutrements, but rumors persist of exceptional gifts. Find the caiman thieves, defeat them, and claim these unusual treasures of Sikander for yourself!

The hunt is on!

  • Event Duration
    • Start: Friday, June 29, 2012
    • End: Sunday, July 8, 2012
  • Event Times
    • Weekdays (Monday through Friday): 5–9 p.m. PDT
    • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): midnight to 11:59 p.m. PDT
    You can also view the Raiders of the Lost Eggs community event on our events page.


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