Search Database "TERA Tome" is Live!

by Pwnyx

TERA Tome Logo

Our friends over at ZAM Network have been hard at work. Just last night, ZAM released the beta version of TERA Tome, a searchable database for all things TERA! ZAM has been working with our TERA team to organize all the game data we can throw at them, and are providing it to players in the easy-to-use interface you've come to expect from their database sites.

The launch version of this site features a Glyph Calculator, which you can use to plan out glyph purchases to customize your skills to your play style. In addition, the site offers the ability to search for information on items, skills, recipes, quests, NPCs, and more! The TERA team will continue to provide new data as we release patches, and ZAM will (as always) be looking for new and useful ways to provide that information to users. Make sure to check out TERA Tome and provide your feedback on the TERA Tome Feedback Forum to help improve the site!

Do you operate a TERA fansite with a growing community? Are you building a TERA database that would be handy for players? Let us know on the TERA forums!


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