Skycycle Flash Fiction Winners

by Spacecats

Three great takes on the origin of TERA’s flying machines!

Back in December, we asked the TERA player community to create origin stories for skycycles and jetcycles, our newest high-flying mounts. And did you ever!

After reviewing dozens of great entries, we’ve narrowed our list of winners down to three players, given them a quick editing pass, and are ready to share them with the world. So without further ado, the winners are:


Niora.Vash (Ascension Valley)

Niora.Vash’s story gives us a fun look at the world of TERA from a few hundred feet up, and positions skycycles as a must-have tool in the fight against the argons.

They say from up high, people look like ants. They don’t. They look like specks of agitated dust as I cruise past them. I can feel them looking up at us, at Me, in awe…

(read the full story here)

Idynatin (Celestial Hills)

Idynatin’s story details the Mysterium’s efforts to find a new power source, and how the popori researcher Bofki took it to the next level.

Eventually, Mysterium arcanists managed to convert wild mana into pure arcane energy, but found it too dangerous to handle reliably. This minor setback did not deter them in the slightest, and the Mysterium devoted even more resources to studying new conversion methods.

Enter Bofki, a wide-eyed popori who was almost more excited to visit Allemantheia than to work on a potentially transformative project. He didn't question why he was tasked with bigger and more powerful generators, only when and where they would be needed…

(read the full story here)

Grand Prize Winner: Warr

Warr blew us away with his dark, gripping tale of a pair of federation rangers who stumble onto something that just doesn’t belong, and also a wondrous discovery that may well save us all. Their story is now an official part of TERA lore!

A hot breeze swept through the argon corridor, tinged with the scent of iron and decay. With it came a spiraling ribbon of blue energy, illuminating the area in a soft electric hue.

Feeling exposed, Kasani watched the light as it passed, her jaw clenching as she pressed her back against the wall. Horns scraping against the not-stone, the warrior panted, blood dripping from a wound on her shoulder. Various curses passed through her mind, but instead she shook her head in disbelief, whispering, “None of this should be here...”

(read the full story here)

Congratulations to all our contestants!


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