Soar on the Phoenix Mounts

by Halrath

The ‘Arsenal’ update brings two new fantastic beasts to TERA—phoenix mounts!

Both Pteryx and Azure Phoenix flying mounts are available in Phoenix Loot Boxes, now available for 250 EMP in the TERA Store. Both boast a flight and movement speed of 290, restore two percent of your max HP and MP per second, and have a chance to increase your Crit Power. In addition, both mounts provide a free resurrection—Pteryx every hour and Azure Phoenix every 24 hours.

And until 10 a.m. PDT on November 7, every time you purchase the 12,000 EMP product, you’ll receive both a Burning Bones Mask and Icy Hot Skull Mask permanent head-slot accessories, which complement the phoenix mounts quite nicely (and provide a glimpse at the horrors coming in next week’s Halloween events.)

Take advantage now! Load up on EMP, grab a smokin’ skull mask, and get yourself a phoenix mount today!


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