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Summer Blockbuster Poster Contest Winners

by Blender

TERA movie contest winners

Once again, our talented community has blown us away! We've judged the hundreds of entries in the Summer Blockbuster Poster Contest and during the judging process, we realized five winners just wasn’t enough. We have doubled the amount of winners to ten, and added an Honorable Mention category.

The ten winners will receive one permanent Felicity pet as well as one smart uniform smart box. Each of the “honorable mentions” will receive one smart uniform smart box.

Thank you to our wonderful community for all of the amazing entries! Make sure to like our Facebook page, where we'll post even more of the awesome entries we received.

Winning Entries

Each of these players will receive a permanent Felicity pet and a smart uniform smart box for their winning entries:

Honorable Mentions

Each of these players will receive a smart uniform smart box for their honorable mentions:


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