Swimsuit Season is Here!


Summer means fun in the sun and we've got you covered...or uncovered, as the case may be!

Beginning today, visit the TERA Store to pick up one of our new swimsuit bundles or loot boxes. These packages will help you look your best as you head for the Beach Bash or Festival of the Sun! Our newest products include:

  • Leisure Bundle
  • Butterfly Bundle
  • Summer Maillot Bundle
  • Carnivale Bundle

There's also new loot boxes with rare, dyeable versions of swimsuits, so you can put a personal touch on your bikini bod.

Each week of the Summer Festival, we'll add new swimsuits!

And be sure to drop by the PlayStation and Xbox Store later this week to check out the new TERA: Swimsuit Trio Pack DLC, containing three swimsuits for your chosen race and gender, plus a beach accessory:

  • A trio of ruffled swimsuits for elins or bikinis for other females, or Dippers swimwear in three different colors, for males of any race.
  • A Fun in the Sun Beach Box, containing one random Series 2 beach accessory.

The costumes and accessories in this DLC pack are each useable by only one character.

Don't wait too long to take advantage of these sales! These new swimwear products are only around through TERA's summer event, which means they'll disappear at 9 a.m. PDT on Monday, August 6! Get yours now!

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