Take Advantage of TERA’s Back to School Sale!

by Halrath

Take Advantage of TERA’s Back to School Sale!

We’re going back to school now, which means you’ve got a great opportunity to save on a retirement sale!

Starting at 10 a.m. PDT on September 5, and continuing through 8 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, September 12, we’re offering deep discounts on school-themed costumes, accessories, and lootboxes.

Better still, each purchase made with EMP earns you an entry in Mystel’s Magical Mystery Mega-Drawing! Once the sale ends, these items will be removed from the store.

Take 75 percent off these costumes and accessories:

  • Human Female Homeschool Bundle
  • Castanic Female Homeschool Bundle
  • High Elf Female Private School Bundle
  • Elin Too-Cool-for-School Bundle
  • Dragonfall School Bundle (female only)
  • Val Kaeli School Bundle (female only)
  • Sisters of Frost School Bundle (female only)
  • Serens Night School Bundle (Elin only)
  • Elin Merry Sunshine Bundle
  • Cheer Squad Uniform Smart Box
  • Drill Team Uniform Smart Box
  • Pink Quilted Backpack (back slot)
  • Black Quilted Backpack (back slot)
  • Embossed Midnight Backpack (back slot)
  • Teal Checkered Backpack (back slot)
  • White Checkered Backpack (back slot)
  • Canvas Backpack (back slot)
  • Popo Backpack (back slot)

Take 50 percent off these costumes, accessories, and loot boxes:

  • Black Catocaster
  • Varsity Blue Dogs Smart Box
  • Sharp Shades
  • Sports Ball Accessory Box
  • Serens Night School Locker
  • Triple-T Locker
  • Arcadian Academy Locker
  • Squad Captain Loot Box
  • Color Guard Loot Box
  • Lost-and-Found Loot Box
  • Airy Aurora Loot Box
  • Rocker Box
  • Denim Box
  • Post-Grad Loot Box
  • Personalized Gym Uniform Loot Box

So, don’t be afraid to dress up for school. All the cool kids are doing it!


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