TERA "Beginnings" Launch Cinematic Revealed

by Scapes

Are you participating in our Early Character Creation event this weekend? You may have noticed a few frames of the TERA launch cinematic as you furiously clicked through it to claim your first character's name! With your preferred name secured, you can now safely watch the video, titled "Beginnings", right here in this news post or on our YouTube channel.

The cinematic shows how the Valkyon Federation has come together to face a soulless army that threatens to engulf the world from the perspective of a baraka warrior-sage. Observant viewers will see each of TERA's seven playable races take part in the action, and will enjoy a sneak preview of the monsters they'll face and the places they'll visit. Combat—essential to an action MMO like TERA—takes center stage, and eagle-eyed fans will recognize some of the spells and attacks they'll use when TERA launches on May 1.

You can check out more TERA trailers on the En Masse Entertainment YouTube channel!


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