TERA E-books: MMO Action on the Go

by Ozma

TERA is an immense world, and the game tells only some of its stories. Our series of adventure e-books by award-winning fantasy authors and our own En Masse Entertainment writers lets you experience TERA even when you aren’t playing the game.

In our most recent e-book, Stacey Janssen’s “Fanatic,” you’ll see firsthand what it’s like to infiltrate the Cult of Lok. You’ll learn what extremes the cult goes to when they create the horrid Lokians that fight on their behalf.

At only 99 cents each on the Amazon.com store, “Fanatic” and the other stories in our collection have a price that can’t be beat. Download it to your Kindle of choice today!

Read full book descriptions and story excerpts on our TERA e-books page.


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