The BAF Masters Are Here!


Angling for more information on our next content update? Well, your wade, wait time is over. "BAF Masters" is here, with a bait box full of new systems and activities you’re sure to enjoy!


The hottest leisure time activity since binge-watching has finally come to TERA! Our fishing system ushers in a game-wide economic overhaul.

Level 65 players can join the Fishing Association in a brand-new questline, where you’ll learn how to catch, prepare, and cook twelve grades of fish from fisheries around the world, including the elusive Big-Ass Fish (BAF) that give this update its name!

If you want to catch the big ones, you’ll need to 1) purchase and upgrade specialty rods; 2) buy, craft, or earn bait and lures; and 3) practice, practice, practice! Fishing is as much an art as a science, and although you can just set your lure and wait for the fish to fill your bag, you’ll need a quick eye and steady hand to catch a Big-Ass Fish!


Fishing is not only fun, but profitable. You can sell your catch to Association Fishmongers or Federation Resource Managers for gold or Metamorphic Emblems, or bundle them up as Fish Crates for even better rewards!

What’s a Fish Crate, you ask? Well . . .


Gathering and Crafting

Gathering and Crafting have undergone a complete overhaul, with new nodes and new gatherables appearing around the world. Your existing gathering skills will not change, but are now ranked from level 1–6—just like the nodes themselves!

For example: if you currently have 290 points of Mining, your skill is level 5. If you have 300-350 points of Mining, your skill is level 6.

You’ll have better success gathering from nodes that match your skill level, and all nodes have a chance to produce basic materials needed for crafting, in addition to named gatherables that match the node.

Why gather? To craft, of course! The same level 65 questline that introduces you to fishing also teaches you how to gather and craft. Or, more specifically, how to cook.

TERA's crafting proficiencies have changed, and unlike your gathering skills, your old crafting patterns and skills are now out-of-date.

You’ll now progress in Alchemy (gems, reagents, and potions), Smelting (ingots, tools, and Fish Crates), Processing (silexes, accessories, and fishing bait), Etching (specialty powders and fieldstones), and Cooking (specialty dishes with both combat and regular uses.)

We'll share more information about these new systems as the update approaches, but we’ve got just enough time to tell you about one more exciting feature.

wintera returns

Wintera is Back!

TERA's annual winter festival returns cooler than ever. Join us for a revamped Wintera Snowfield battleground, and a wintry bounty of special events.

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