TERA Gathering Points Coming Soon!

by Ozma

TERA Deathmatch

Because TERA’s players are so enthusiastic about the political system, we’re adding new elements to the world so you can clash against your rivals–either with forceful words or force of arms.

In the next patch, you’ll find a podium in Velika for political debates, landmarks for guild-versus-guild (GvG) battles, and rings for duels and deathmatches. Look for them in the following locations:

TERA Velika Map

  • A podium for debates in Velika’s Freedom Plaza
TERA Freedom Plaza Podium
  • GvG landmarks outside Velika’s southern gate near the bridge
TERA Velika Outskirts South Road TERA Velika Outskirts North Road
  • Duel/deathmatch rings outside Velika’s northern gate

TERA Arena Outside Velika

The landmarks, rings, and podium are not interactive objects, but they’re great places to congregate whether you favor reasoned debate or all-out mayhem.

Adding these gathering points is an important early step as we listen to the community and implement changes, so we wanted to add them to the world of TERA as soon as possible. As the political system matures and more players get involved, we’ll consider adding additional features.


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