Shore Hold Update Launches January 15


TERA's latest content update, "Shore Hold," arrives Tuesday, January 15, and introduces some important changes to our PvP system.

First up, there's a new PvP battleground: Shore Hold

Shore Hold

This fast-paced, 7 v 7 battleground is designed to get you right into the action. Smaller team sizes means faster queues, and in no time you'll be racing up and down a sandy beach to capture pyres with action combat-sized control zones.

It also features shorter rez times, buff-generating manastones, and a cave dwelling monster to fight. Choose your strategy carefully—time you spend defeating a boss is time your enemies can use to capture pyres, and it's no fun at all to defend yourself from two kinds of threats at once!

PvP Gear

New Gear

Also new in this update, you can now use Bellicarium credits to purchase three types of PvP gear: Disciplinary, Harmonic, or Impregnable. These new items do not accept crystals or grant set bonuses, but even one piece can seriously up your game!

Featuring PvP-only enchantment effects like enemy stat reduction, automatic damage reflection, enemy skill cooldown increases, and slowing effects, you'll want to collect them all and customize your loadout for every encounter!

PvE Training Ground

Training Ground

Want a quick workout? Need to test new skills or gear? This update introduces a new solo instance, the Training Ground. Level 65 characters can talk to Whurloc in Highwatch and start a personal BAM-killing experience in a private vault.

The Training Ground supplies you with a DPS meter, virtual thralls, and a collection of buffs to simulate an active party. And if you get tired of one set of gear, you can reset the fight from within the instance and test out whatever you want!

New Gear

Shore Hold also marks the return of Shadow Sanguinary, a new mask, class balance changes, and more!

Shore Hold goes live Tuesday, January 15 after scheduled maintenance.

To learn more about the update, make sure to check the Patch Notes.

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