TERA: Rising Available February 5

by Ozma

TERA: Rising Launch Date

Get ready for the new world! TERA: Rising , the next evolution of the award-winning action MMORPG, will be available for free throughout North America on February 5.

Thousands of players, old and new, are clamoring to be among the first to experience the all-new content, including a competitive dungeon, a player-versus-player arena, and two new high-level factions.

After a maintenance period scheduled from 12:01 a.m. PST February 4 to 7 a.m. February 5, you can log in and experience TERA in all its epic scope: all the dungeons, all the BAMs, and all the action you’ve come to expect from this groundbreaking MMO.

On February 5, players can choose from five servers:

  • Mount Tyrannas (PvP)
  • Lake of Tears (PvP)—new!
  • Tempest Reach (PvE)
  • Ascension Valley (PvE)—new!
  • Celestial Hills (PvE roleplay)

Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley will be on their own matching system for dungeons and battlegrounds. Character transfers (free for a limited time) will be available among Mount Tyrannas, Tempest Reach, and Celestial Hills. Characters can transfer once every 30 days.

To handle the influx of new TERA gamers, we’re establishing some chat channel restrictions. Area chat is available for characters level 5 and up, trade and LFG chats are level 12 and up, and global chat is level 20 and up. We’re limiting chat rates as well to handle all the traffic.

Finally, TERA’s community suggested that we give TERA’s founders—those who’ve already played the game—priority queueing if there’s a wait to get into the game. We agree! If you’re a founder, head toward the front of the line (just step over the velvet rope!).

See our launch date announcement trailer.


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