TERA’s Black Friday Sale—Five Days of Deals

by Ozma

TERA Aman Priest, Black Friday, Blackheart Weapon Skins

A mere 24 hours is not enough to contain the awesomeness of a Black Friday sale, so we spread the savings out over five full days! From Thursday, November 28, until Monday, December 2, Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online have great deals on nearly all TERA items released before this month!

  • Thursday, November 28—Trick out your gear and pass the gravy! All weapon skins are discounted up to 66 percent off on Thanksgiving day.
  • Friday, November 29—Don’t brave the Black Friday crowds alone and on foot! Pets and mounts* are discounted up to 50 percent off.
  • Saturday, November 30—Dress to kill! Costumes and accessories* are discounted up to 75 percent off.
  • Sunday, December 1—Double your haul! Loot boxes* are “Buy One, Get One Free.”
  • Monday, December 2—Ate too much turkey and slept through the sale? Monday is your second chance: We’re putting the sale’s most popular items back on sale for one day only!

Discounted items will change nightly at 10 p.m. PST. Consumable and account service items are discounted throughout the entire sale!

Is that enough to satiate your hunger for Black Friday deals? How about if we throw in some free gifts? Throughout the Black Friday weekend sale, buying bundles of EMP from Valkyon Outfitters Online will get you chances to win our newest weapon skin: the Blackheart weapon skin—not yet available in the TERA store!

  • 1,100 EMP ($10 USD)—Five Blackheart loot boxes.
  • 2,420 EMP ($20 USD)—Ten Blackheart loot boxes.
  • 5,060 EMP ($40 USD)—Twenty Blackheart loot boxes.
  • 13,200 EMP ($100 USD)—One Blackheart weapon skin smart box; guarantees a Blackheart weapon skin that matches the class of the character who opens it!

Each Blackheart loot box contains one semi-enigmatic scroll, and has a chance of yielding one Blackheart weapon skin. The Blackheart weapon skin smart box is guaranteed to contain one Blackheart weapon skin, but it’s only available at the 13,200 EMP level. (Your free gift will be delivered immediately to your Item Claim as soon as you complete your purchase.)

Remember: The sale starts Thursday, November 28 and ends Monday, December 2 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Blackheart loot boxes and weapon skins will be delivered along with EMP purchases after 10 p.m. PDT on November 27.

* Excludes mounts, costumes and loot boxes released this month. Certain restrictions or other limitations may apply; please consult the Black Friday sale FAQ for more information.

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Sorcerer Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Warrior Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Lancer Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Mystic Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Priest Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Slayer Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Archer Wallpaper

TERA Black Heart Weapon Skins, Berserker Wallpaper

Editor's note: This post was edited for clarity. Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey!) Day to all who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday; we're thankful for each and every member of the TERA community!


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