TERA's Got a Furry New Look Just for You

by Blender

TERA animal costumes

Can't BEAR the summer any longer? Tired of the sunny beaches? About ready to RABBIT for a cooler climate?

Announcing the UnBEARably Cute Collection, available at Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online right now!

The UnBEARably Cute Collection PANDAs to you with the following:

  • Popo Bear: A popo disguise kit to turn you into a giant teddy bear! A chubby bear costume plus bear mask and big head shape changer.
  • Popo Bunny: Disguise yourself as a popori rabbit. A bouncy bunny costume plus bunny mask and big head shape changer.
  • Popo Kitty: All the cool cats are popori kittens; you can be too! A cuddly kitty costume plus kitty-cat mask and big head shape changer.
  • Popo Panda: You want to be a popo. You want to be a panda. A perky panda costume plus panda mask and big head shape changer.
  • Popo Rascal: You're sneaky enough to pull off being a popori. A rascally raccoon costume plus raccoon mask and big head shape changer.
  • Kitty Box: All the cool Elin are in the Kitty-Cat Club! A cute kitty-cat outfit that'll definitely give you...paws.
  • Black Box: For when you're feeling just a little bit catty. That same cute kitty-cat outfit...but in alley-cat black!

Found the PURRfect costume, but think it could be a HARE better? Pick up the Animal Head accessory box for a cornucopia of cats, hats, and headbands.


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