TERA's 'Helping Hands' Go the Extra Mile

by Ozma

TERA Helping Hand Contest

TERA is full of helpful players, and now we’ve got the evidence to prove it! The following four winners, nominated by the TERA community, have gone above and beyond to help their fellow players. Each of these helpful souls—and the players who nominated them—receives a Night Mare mount (the steed of choice for those going the extra mile).

Thanks to everyone who participated. You’re a helpful bunch!

Ryoka (Mount Tyrannas)—nominated by Luut and three others

When Luut fell behind the pace of friends playing TERA, Ryoka helped Luut catch up and reach level 60. Luut says that Ryoko’s attitude makes the difference: “He isn’t always the best at doing everything, but he’s always the first to offer to help as well as he can.”

“As much as we give him a hard time and joke with him a lot, he’s actually very important to me and all of us for what he’s willing to do and help us out with when nobody else will bother,” Luut says. “He’s the one person we can always count on when everyone else just doesn’t care.”

Shoei (Tempest Reach)—nominated by Iwilleatyourkitty

Shoei’s sense of game/life balance earned him applause from other guildies who juggle TERA and busy home lives. “Shoei was instrumental in setting a reasonable pace for the guild and for helping everyone,” the nomination said. “Shoei has shown many of us that kindness and generosity toward new players is contagious, as those we help will help others later.”

“His example quickly set the standard for the guild and we all do the same thing now,” the nomination continues. “He is not the guild leader…he has become the heart and soul of our small community.”

Jalandir (Celestial Hills)—nominated by Sinfox

When Sinfox couldn’t attend a guild meeting because Sinfox just started playing TERA and was stuck on the Island of Dawn, Jalandir stepped in to help. “In most people’s eyes, my attendance would have been trivial and easy to say ‘It’s OK, you can catch the next one,’” Sinfox writes. Jalandir bought Sinfox a Velika teleport scroll and flew out to the island to hand-deliver it.

After Sinfox saw Velika for the first time, Jalandir “ran with me, mountless and all, all the way out of the city and out to the little spot in the outskirts where our guildies were clustered.”

Jalandir’s helping hands kept busy, Sinfox writes, sending Sinfox crafted items and starting an alt to level with Sinfox. “He never once took a day without whispering me to say hi and ask if I needed any help with anything,” Sinfox said.

Gorran (Mount Tyrannas)—nominated by Nipuni

Nipuni and Gorran met during the open beta test. They didn’t know each other at first. “All I knew about him was that every time someone said they needed help in guild chat, he would always answer,” Nipuni writes. “You could always ask him if you didn’t know something about the game, or about a guild, or a character, or the En Masse news—he was always well informed and reliable.”

Gorran also went the extra mile as a tank. “If someone died during the instance…he would apologize and take responsibility and pay for your crystals.” Nipuni writes. “We kept refusing trades coming from him because we knew it was going to be money to pay for something you lost that had nothing to do with him and was not his fault, and if you refused his money, he would send it to your mail.”

“He does nexus for you. Nexus! That’s true friendship right there,” Nipuni concludes.

Honorable Mentions:

Whiteblade (Celestial Hills)—nominated by Zanara and three others. “She went to the trouble of showing me around the city as if she was a guard or something.”

Freak.Aim (Mount Tyrannas)—nominated by Monkeyzero. “My mind is flooded with hundreds of memories we shared together: goofing off with BAMs, rage-quitting dungeons, etc.”

Lord.Regent (Mount Tyrannas)—nominated by Svalinn. “He didn’t help me, but I find him helpful. I’ve never raged as hard as I did when he blasted the butt mud out of my slayer alt...this taught me a very key component to this game…PvP isn’t completely dependent on gear or level.”


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