TERA Events

TERA's First Anniversary: May 1–31, 2013

Loading Memories


  • May 1–13, 2013

Now is your chance to put your favorite TERA memories into the game! From May 1 to May 13, players can submit artwork illustrating their best memory of TERA and win a spot as one of our loading screens. Your art entry may also include a brief one- to three-sentence caption.

Dungeon Double Drop Weekend


  • May 3–6, 2013

If you’re feeling more destructive than artistic, enjoy the double drop weekend. From noon PDT on Friday, May 3 to noon PDT on Monday, May 6, everyone wins double the loot rewards from instance bosses all across the world of TERA.

Four to Score


  • May 9–13, 2013

For four days‚ May 9–12‚ we’ll reveal a daily task just after midnight PDT. Complete the day’s task before 11:59 p.m. PDT on the day it was issued to score one entry into the drawing.

Kelsaik s Raid


  • May 14–20, 2013

The raid opens! Now you can take on a bigger, badder Kelsaik in raids of 10 and 20. Join a raid through instance matching or form your own raid and enter through the raid teleportal in Lorcada’s Vale of Spires. Either way, players can complete each size raid once per day.

T–E–R–A Event


  • May 21–31, 2013

It’s our anniversary‚ but we’re giving you the gifts! From May 21 through May 31‚ players will find boxes containing anniversary gifts scattered around the world of TERA. Bust these open to collect prizes and rare collectible letters. When you have a full set of four letters and can spell TERA‚ click the letter A to get the infernal glutton mount‚ Gourmando!

It’s been a year since we first launched, and we’re celebrating TERA’s anniversary all month! Individual contest rules and more information can be found on TERA’s First Anniversary event page.

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