TERA's Fourth eBook "Death at Forgeheart" Published

by Pwnyx

We've just published our fourth TERA eBook! These short-story e-books are a great way for readers to experience TERA's world in a whole new way with new characters and new stories.

Our newest TERA eBook is Death at Forgeheart , by USA Today bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch. It tells the story of two detectives—an aman and a baraka—who must trust one another long enough to solve a murder that could doom the federation.

Here's a small sample of what awaits you in Death at Forgeheart.

Death at ForgeheartThey came to her because they trusted her.

Shiadasha had no idea why she had become the aman known for keeping the wrong kind of secrets, but she had. Perhaps because she took honor further than most. Which was saying something for amani. Amani believed in honor and trust more than they believed in almost everything else.

Her reputation had brought her here to an empty storefront between two dive bars just past Forgeheart. Normally, she loved Forgeheart. It symbolized all that was right with Kaiator. Warmth, security, fire, drama. The ground shook here, and the forge bellowed. The entire area reeked of hot metal.

She found comfort in that.

But at the moment, none of those things mattered. Because what she saw in front of her could shatter all the security and make Kaiator itself erupt into another kind of flames.

Before her lay a body so brutally mutilated it had taken her a moment to recognize it as a baraka. She had seen a lot of baraka dead, but never like this. Those dead had clustered together, trapped—

She couldn’t allow herself to get lost in the past. Funny, she never had this problem when she investigated aman-on-aman crime. She had never slipped into the past on those cases.

But the baraka were different. She avoided them as much as possible.

She made herself focus. This baraka was in pieces. Its limbs had been scattered near the body, but the red robe that the corpse wore was closed as if someone folded it. Still she could see the massive torso. Someone had carved it open.

Will Shiadasha overcome her mistrust of baraka when she's forced to work with one? Or will a killer escape justice and plunge Kaiator into violence?

Be sure to check out our first three eBooks, available on Amazon.com: Fire and Ice , Killer , and The Amaranthine Heart .


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