TERA's Second eBook "Killer" Published

by Scapes

We have published our second eBook set in the world of TERA! These short stories expand on the game's rich lore and are available on Amazon.com for $0.99 each. The second installment is titled Killer written by En Masse Entertainment Writer Jessie McKenna and can be picked up today. This tale introduces Moorg, a kulkari scorned by his tribe, as he meets and befriends Lakhia, a human child. Moorg soon has to decide where his loyalties lie when Lakhia's family ranch is marked for destruction by his murderous kin, for to be a hero to Lakhia means being a traitor to his own kind.

Here is an excerpt from Killer.

Killer"MOORG! You poor excuse for a Gutrend—time to feed the hyenas! They're not going to feed themselves! They may have more brains than the likes of you, but they don't have thumbs, do they?!"

Startled awake, Moorg fumbled his way out of his scratchy blanket and headed groggily up a grassy hill to the hyena pens. The hungry beasts would be waiting for him, whining at the fence like pups at the ankles of a milk-heavy bitch.

He threw the latch on a shed with a loud crack and went inside. Beams of light clouded with bits of dust shone down from slats in the roof onto a hatch within. He propped up the lid and reached in to grasp a feather-soft creature by the scruff of its supple neck. It wriggled until a quick twist with his other hand broke its tiny neck, and the little thing went limp. He tossed dead rabbits into a splintered wooden pail until they protruded from the brim.

The hyenas swarmed in close to the fence before the first white carcass hit the ground. They snapped and growled at each other, each claiming as many carcasses as it could manage.

"Stop that! There's plenty for everyone, same as every day," Moorg said, then shot a quick glance in the direction of his commander and mumbled under his breath, "I've more brains than you lot, that's for sure." He grabbed a rabbit out of the bucket and tore a big, hungry bite out of it.

Done feeding, the hyenas scattered and went to work defending the borders of the kulkari stronghold of Mags Strix. Moorg took a long, deep breath of crisp morning air through his nostrils, and reported for his own duty. Today would be his first on patrol, and it would take him beyond the camp's borders. The last guy who'd had the job didn't return from his shift, so now Moorg was tasked with ensuring the camp remained Gutrend kulkari territory: keep intruders out, kill enemies, and report anything suspicious. It was simple. Simple was good.

Few humans lived in the Valley of Titans, but the Valkyon Federation still guarded the two human-tribe ranches the kulkaris had not yet taken. Fortunately, soldiers were scarce these days. The war was far away, they said; many times farther than Moorg had ever been...

Join Moorg as he ventures out on his first patrol and share in his attempt to find understanding where there was only hate in Killer, available on Amazon.com now. Also, we'll be publishing another short story from the world of TERA next week!


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