Kritika Online Founders’ Pack Sale Is Ending!

by Denommenator

The Kritika Online Closed Beta Test ends Tuesday, June 13. If you were holding off on trying out En Masse’s new hyper-stylish online anime brawler, hold off no longer! When the Closed Beta Test ends, so does your chance to purchase a Founders’ Pack at 25 percent off!

Each Founders’ Pack comes with a stack of EMP that you can use in TERA or any of En Masse’s games...and at a significant discount, to boot! Additionally, any EMP spent during the Kritika Online CBT will be refunded before the Open Beta Test begins, along with a 20% bonus award.

Each of the three Founders’ Packs also features a heap of stuff that will come in handy while you’re playing Kritika Online:

  Into the Dark Pack
$14.99 $19.99
Dark Companion Pack
$29.99 $39.99
Dark Guardians Pack
$79.99 $99.99
Closed Beta Instant Access      
Open Beta Head Start Access      
Founder's Title: "Advance Guard"      
EMP 2,000 EMP 4,000 EMP 10,000 EMP
Elite Status Voucher 30-Day 90-Day 180-Day
Dark Companion Permanent Pet    
Black Sunglasses and Leopard Sunglasses    
4 Dark Guardians Permanent Costumes  

Pick up a Founders’ Pack at the Kritika Online Store before June 13 to take advantage of these great savings, and to unlock instant access to the Closed Beta Test, as well as Head Start access when the Open Beta Test arrives!


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