This Week in TERA Console: February 18–25


This week in TERA brings update 59.03 where console players will face TERA’s most difficult content yet: the massive raid Harrowhold and the tricky Manglemire! Plus we’ve got double vanguard rewards, login rewards, new costumes, and a new feature to allow you to skip the tutorial and bring your alts and friends into TERA’s True Action Combat even faster.



In the 20-person raid Harrowhold, max-level players can face off against Vergos, the Father of Dragons. You’ll have to battle through his four dangerous dragonspawn, then a multi-phase fight against the patriarch himself to gain the items need to upgrade your Deathwrack gear!


There are four phases and once you complete a phase, your progress is locked to that point for the week.

  • Divide the enemy as you face off against the four spawn of Vergos: Terradrax, Aquadrax, Umbradrax, and Ignidrax.

Then fight Vergos through 3 phases:

  • Start the encounter taking down Vergos’s sheilds in the main courtyard. When he occasionally takes to the air, players need to use Ballista to bring him down.
  • Vergos clings to the edge of a cliff as players try to beat him down to within an inch of his life.
  • Vergos rallies, returns to the courtyard, and becomes enraged—literally pulsing with power.


Originally planned for March, we’ve moved up the release of the ever-deceitful cyclops in the toughest 5-person dungeon yet. Manglemire is the nastiest escape room ever, so bring your best observation skills. You have to not only watch out for the boss’s attacks, but watch out for his lies to know where you’ll be safe. You’ll need to both search the dungeon for clues as to his intentions and pay close attention to his declarations during combat.

Double Vanguard Reward Week

This week starting Monday, February 18 at 9 a.m. PST (1700 UTC) and ending Monday, February 25 at the same time, complete any Vanguard Request on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One and you’ll earn double rewards!

Accumulated Login Event

Beginning Friday, February 22 and running until Thursday, March 7, log into TERA each day to receive some cool rewards. Make sure to log in every day, though! The final award for the login event is a terrific etching for your weapon—but if you miss a day, you won't get it! Here’s what to expect with this event:

  • Day 1—Gamma Instance Reset Scroll ×30
  • Day 2—Complete Crystalbinds ×10
  • Day 3—Superhold Tokens ×100
  • Day 4—Dragon Scale ×2
  • Day 5—Master Enigmatic Scroll ×10
  • Day 6—Lamb Bulgogi ×45
  • Day 7—Friendly Semi-Enigmatic Scroll ×50
  • Day 8—Dragon Scale ×2
  • Day 9—Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×2
  • Day 10—Delta Instance Reset Scroll
  • Day 11—Dragon Scale ×2
  • Day 12—Rare Noctenium Elixir ×2000
  • Day 13—Handwear Etching: Energetic III
  • Day 14—Weapon Etching: Energetic III

Maid Costumes

On Feb 21, we’re adding some new maid costumes and accessories to the TERA store, plus discounting the old ones.

  • Buy a Tailor Maid smart box for a female-only maid costume suitable for your race, or try for the dyeable version in the Maid to Work loot box.
  • Buy a Maid’s Bonnet loot box for a chance at one of five different bonnets.

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!