Treeshark Tells the Future!

by Ozma


Producer Letter—May 2013


It’s been a year since we first launched, and we’re celebrating TERA’s anniversary all month!

The game has evolved quite a bit in the last year. The introduction of Fraywind Canyon and our Canyon Clash tournament brought full-team combat. Our more focused Champions’ Skyring offered smaller teams the chance to duke it out. A raid dungeon—along with other crucial changes—improved the Nexus experience. Argon Corpus, Sirjuka Gallery, and the Crucible of Flame dungeons tested your mettle. Oh, and let’s not forget Ms. Shandra Manaya tearing up anyone who dared cross her path.

Of course, the biggest change was our shift to TERA: Rising, and making TERA free for all to play. We at En Masse decided to take a different approach towards free-to-play, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the changes. So, what’s next for TERA?

First, the entirety of May is filled with events to bring some birthday love to everyone. These events include the new Kelsaik raid coming in the middle of this month. It’s a lot meaner this time around, so you may want to grab a few more buddies to tackle it. I recommend around 10 or 20, but that’s up to you. After that, there will be a new 20v20 battleground coming in late June. This battleground is different than what you’re used to with Fraywind Canyon and Champions’ Skyring. You can ride a blimp to sneakily invade a castle, or you can fire cannons at your enemies. Most importantly, it’s not just for max-level players; all players level 30 and up will be able to participate and earn XP in this battleground.

Behind the scenes, a lot more things are changing. We’re looking for ways to bring content to our players faster, decreasing the gap between our release and Korea’s. Once some of the details are ironed out, I’ll share that great news. We hope these changes shorten the time it takes to get content out the door and into your hands.

Later this summer, a new alliance system arrives on our shores. As an upgrade to our current political system, players choose to align with one of three new alliances. Through these, players can control everything the political system handled before—like taxes and settings—but now, you can have your own training zone, summon BAMs, and lead raids into enemy alliance territory to steal their resources.

“But Treeshark, what does life after the alliance update look like?” I’m glad you asked!

Shortly after introducing the alliance system, brand new raid content will arrive as a series of dungeons. More weapons and armor will also be introduced with these dungeons, because we all know with great power comes great loots.

This is just an overview of what’s to come, so be sure to keep checking back to see what’s in store for TERA. Enough is never good enough for us when it comes to providing the best possible MMO experience. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Be seeing you,


For those of you who've wondered what the most popular race in TERA is, how many players of each class have died in PvP battle or how many monsters have been killed in game (hint: it’s a lot!), we've put together a fun infographic to quench your curiosity. Check it out below!

Tera Anniversary Infographic


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