Vanarch Campaign Poster Contest

by Scapes

Vanarch Campaign Poster Contest

Greetings, fellow soldiers! Tamur, Kaiator's force commander, here. We're about to elect new vanarchs to oversee each province in the federation, and I'm not seeing enough excitement. We need heroes who'll inspire us. Strong, wise leadership is the key to victory over our enemies!

The recruiting posters for the war on Kaiator's walls inspire me, so let's have a contest. Make posters for your favorite vanarch candidates and write something that convinces me they're worthy to lead. The Valkyon Federation will choose the most powerful posters and put them on our front page for all to see.

Our soldiers on the front lines can't do this alone. We need the provinces behind the lines supporting us. If you believe in your candidates, stand up for them! Let's make this election mean something.


  • Only one entry per player.
  • Your poster or submission mail must include the candidate's name, guild name, preferred province, and server name.
  • Your submission must include a paragraph (200 words or less) explaining why the candidate should be elected vanarch.
  • The poster must meet the Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service.
  • To enter, email us with your poster (2 MB or less, please!) and submission information.
  • Click here for the official TERA contest rules.


  • The Vanarch Campaign Poster Contest will be judged by the Creative Services Team and other En Masse Entertainment staff.
  • Three winning posters will appear on the TERA website, along with the artist's paragraph advocating for the candidate.


  • The Vanarch Campaign Poster Contest will end at 11:59 PM Pacific on Thursday, May 24.


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