Who's on Top? TERA Leaderboards Are Live

by Ozma

TERA Leaderboards

It’s hard to show off when nobody knows you’re the greatest. Use the new TERA leaderboards to prove your guild’s superiority in both politics and guild-versus-guild combat. And if you’re second best, use the leaderboards to plan your next campaign.

Follow the state of politics in the Vanarch Elections section. Learn about each server’s candidates, read their platforms, and track their popularity.

If you prefer bloodier conflicts, see the Guild Battles section. Discover the top 100 guilds in TERA. Refine your plans for world domination. Push your guild into the top three to win a spot on the leaderboard banners.

Show off your personal abilities in the Dungeon Leaderboards section. Learn who’s finished each dungeon in hard mode, and how often. Bump others off the list. Build your raiding dream team.

Soon you won’t even have to make it into the top 100 to see where you stand—you’ll be able to view your personal rankings on the leaderboards just by logging into your account.

It’s tough to make it to the top, but once you get there, go to the TERA leaderboards and admire the view.


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