Wintera Season Means It's (Snowball) War!

by Ozma

TERA Wintera Snowball Fight Event, Popori, High Elf

The Wintera Snowfield is coming!

All this snow on the ground means it's snowball season! After Maintenance on December 17, queue up for the 10v10 Wintera Snowfield, and put your snowball skills to the test on the field of honor.

You enter the snowfield with equalized HP, and your only skills are what you pick up inside:

  • TERA Snowballs, Wintera Snowfield Event

    Gather snowballs from piles of snow. Use snowballs single-shot, or build up a volley. Attack opponents, or open the special chests below.

  • TERA Warm-up Box, Wintera Snowfield Event

    Warm-up boxes take just a few hits to open and contain either thermal layer or hot cider. Use these to resist damage or restore health during the fight.

  • TERA Ice Box, Wintera Snowfield Event

    Ice chests take several hits to open and contain either iceballs or slushballs. Use these to freeze or slow your opponents.

Note: Players must be level 11 or above to participate.

You win a round when you successfully down all of your opponents. You win the match when you win two out of three rounds.

Your reward for winning is 40 Wintera Tokens—but you'll still take home 10, even if you don't win. You can trade tokens with Ambrrr, the Wintera Messenger, for a variety of winter- and holiday-themed items, such as hairbands, hot cocoa, Wintera scarves that temporarily turn you into a snowman, or Snowdrift, the snow leopard mount with a speed of 280.

Event runs December 17 to January 2. It’s going to be a flurry of freezing fun!


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