Wintera Snowfield Returns with Jackpot Rewards

by Denommenator

Wintera Snowfield Returns

It’s that time of year again: Wintera Snowfield is back!

From Wednesday, December 7 until Tuesday, January 3, join in on the battleground action and earn your share of cool items, including a special “jackpot” for the winning team, a Wintera Ice Box with one of the following items inside:

  • Glacial Expedition Gear Box*—contains a snowsuit suitable to your race.
  • Riding Skill: Sleipnir
  • Riding Skill: Snowdrift
  • Glowing Skull Santa Hat
  • Glowing Skull Ribbon Hairband
  • Skull Santa Hat
  • Skull Ribbon Hairband
  • Rudolph Nose*
  • Red Rudolph Hairband
  • Brown Rudolph Hairband
  • Red Wintera Scarf*
  • Green Wintera Scarf*
  • Yellow Wintera Scarf*
  • Blue Wintera Scarf*

* These items are not tradable—although the contents of the Glacial Expedition Gear Box are tradable.

Item rewards not quite grabbing you by the holiday spirit? How about hunting down some achievements, instead?

  • Snowfight Newbie—Win one battle in Wintera Snowfield.
  • Town Prankster—Win 10 snowball fights in Wintera Snowfield.
  • Winter Is Coming—Win 50 snowball fights in Wintera Snowfield.
  • Snow Kills?!—Win 100 snowball fights in Wintera Snowfield.
  • Snowlord—Win 200 snowball fights in Wintera Snowfield.

Remember: Wintera Snowfield comes to TERA but once a don’t delay! Log in and hit the snow before January 3 rolls around, and this great event melts away.


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