Wonderholme Server Is Live!

by Noesis

Wonderholme Server Is Live!

Starting today, join us in the craziest of crazy test environments, the Wonderholme server. This new server is open for character creation and play for a limited time, and is designed not only for us to test improvements in server configuration and load balancing, but also some of our more…interesting game play concepts.

Veteran TERA players may remember our surrealistically formagined dungeon of Wonderholme. The whimsories of that magical place spawned hundreds of hours of fun, so when we began our plans for a new test server, no other name would do!

The Wonderholme server features superfast leveling, massively increased reputation awards and enchanting chances (up to +12), reimagined loot tables for all levels of dungeons, triple dungeon drops and more.

But be warned—this is a temporary server, and will be wiped at least once in the next few weeks. There will be no server transfers to or from Wonderholme, and if you buy anything from the TERA Store for Wonderholme characters, there will be no refunds issued. Also, there will be no customer support for Wonderholme-specific issues, so get ready for a wild ride!

Expect the unexpected!


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