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Updates to TERA’s Political System

by Ozma

Updates to TERA's Political System

TERA’s political system is one of the features we’re most excited about, and it’s a part of the game we’ve spent a lot of time refining. With our second round of vanarch candidates stepping up to serve their servers, we thought we’d take some time to talk about some upcoming changes to this already popular aspect of gameplay.

As originally conceived, a player seeking vanarch status had two paths to the office—campaigning and conquest—with the latter requiring candidates and their guilds to distinguish themselves through battleground play. While revisions to the battlegrounds aren’t quite ready, we are happy to announce that we’ve found a way to put the fight back in political infighting!

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Vanarch Elections: Creative Campaigning and Stats That Rule

by Ozma

TERA Vanarch Elections

TERA’s political system is in full swing, and players are hard at work securing their chance to rule! Across the server forums, players rally for support, making a plethora of plans and promises. These campaigns extend beyond the game world—into Facebook pages, tweets, and the occasional full-page ad on sites such as TERA Tome. It’s terrific to see so many players participating.

We’ve also created a new web resource for TERA’s in-game political data: the TERA Vanarch Elections page. Track your vanarch’s poll numbers. Check up on your competition. Read vanarch platform statements and campaign info. Compare the candidates’ vote counts and praise tallies. See how your server stacks up against others.

Find some time to learn who’s campaigning on your servers, and take advantage of one of TERA’s most unique features. Who knows? The next vanarch we celebrate might be you!

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Vanarch of the People!

by Ozma

TERA First Vanarch Campaign

TERA’s historic first elections are over! With the votes tallied and the vanarchs elected, a new phase in TERA’s life begins. Today, we’re interviewing Valentio, a new vanarch on the Dragonfall server, who not only won on that server, but got the most votes of any candidate on any server! We wanted to share Valentio’s thoughts on the election, what’s coming up in the vanarchy, and how it feels to be a vanarch!

Let’s dive into the interview!

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