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Finding TERA's Voice(s)

by Scapes

En Masse recorded VOICES for TERA.

En Masse recorded voices for TERA .

En Masse RECORDED voices for TERA.

That's what voice recording in a sound studio sounds like. Top-notch voice actors say even the most basic lines countless different ways,...

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Rebooting Elleon's Twitter Story (Or, "What's In a Name?")

by Scapes

When I looked at my computer's inbox this morning, something dawned on me:

The sun never sets on TERA!

Talk about a global game--at any moment of the day, someone in North America, Asia, or Europe is working on TERA. The timestamps on the emails...

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Words Have Meaning and Names Have Power

by Scapes

One of the most important things about a game is the realism of names. We have naming guides for the player races—and those serve us well—but monsters are a different story. Monsters are the most interacted with component of a game world outside...

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Even the Map Tells a Story

by Scapes

No matter where you go, there you are.

I love maps. As a kid, I traveled a lot and I always had a map in front of me. While technology may have moved from National Geographic and AAA TripTiks to Google and Android, there's still something about a...

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Birth of a Quest

by Scapes

Okay, kids, it's time we told you the truth. You see, when a mommy quest and a daddy quest love each other very much...

...wait, hold on. I think I'm confusing this with something else.

Although, we here in the EME writing room do love each...

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Anatomy of an NPC

by Scapes

One of the things we writers do is breathe life into NPCs. TERA literally has a cast of thousands. So how do we make them all different?

It’s a balancing act. We want to introduce enough differentiation to ensure that you don’t get a feeling of...

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