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Closed Beta Test 1

by Scapes

Welcome to TERA's first closed beta test!

TERA's first closed beta test has arrived! We're very excited to welcome our dedicated community members into TERA, many for the first time. Want to join us for this weekend's closed beta test? Pre-order TERA from the En Masse store for immediate access to all five closed beta tests and the opportunity to retain your characters and their progress for the duration of the closed beta period.

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For our Retail Pre-Order Customers

by Scapes

Hello fellow gamers,

We've learned that many of you who have purchased a pre-order copy of TERA from a brick-and-mortar retailer are having difficulty getting pre-order game codes that you can use to play in the first TERA closed beta test.

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First Closed Beta Test Invitations

by Scapes

Did you sign up to be a potential TERA beta tester on this page? Check your email! We've distributed invitations containing beta codes to 1000 lucky recipients. If you received an email, follow the directions enclosed to download and install the...

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Pre-Order TERA on the En Masse Store!

by Scapes
We're proud to announce that TERA is now available for pre-order on the En Masse Entertainment store! Pre-ordering will grant access to all of TERA's five closed beta tests and allow players to retain their characters and their progress for the duration of the closed beta period from February to April. Read more

Beta Test Schedule

by Scapes
Eager to get your hands on TERA before its launch this coming May? We’ve got you covered with plenty of opportunities to do just that! Read more

TERA Beta Retweetstakes

by Scapes

The TERA Beta Sign-Up is live. Now it's time to spread the word!

As a member of the TERA community, you've been following the game anywhere from a few minutes to a few years, and we're guessing that you like what you've seen so far. You also...

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TERA Beta Sign-Up

by Scapes

Sign up!

Welcome to the TERA Beta Sign-Up!

TERA's beta tests, originally called preview events, will start with closed phases requiring invitations to each session and will end with an open beta test just before TERA launches. To add yourself as a...

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